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We understand that your prime concern is, for commercial jobs, getting on with your job, while in strata blocks the comfort of the residents is the most important thing.

We have a number of tools at our disposal for any kind of commercial painting job. For offices and the insides of shops, restaurants and bars we have durable paint that can handle regular cleaning and will show off your goods. For factories and warehouses we use a long lasting paint that won’t chip or crack, and can stand a hosing down to clean the walls. We can also use electrostatic spray for metals.

For strata painting we will offer you a number of colour options and ensure that all common areas have identical paint. We use attractive, low maintenance paints that won’t need regular cleaning or show chips or cracks.

For both commercial and strata painting we do the job in stages so that only a small area is affected at a time. We will communicate regularly with you to work out the best times for us to paint, managing the need for us to stay out of the way with getting the job done quickly. We will paint outside of business hours and over the weekend if that is what best suits you, or of course we can paint during the day.

We have a great team, great materials and a great attitude. We will keep out of the way while we paint, and we guarantee that you will be more than happy with the results. To get the best large scale painting team for your building, call us now!

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We can handle all of your painting needs, both interior and exterior.

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