If you are considering knocking down either a residential or commercial building, it is a good idea to hire a professional to complete the job for you. These industry professionals have years of experience and knowledge and an understanding of which tools need to be used in order to complete the job efficiently. Aside from the connotations of wrecking balls and explosions, not many of us know much about demolition contractors Sydney. So here are 6 facts about them:


  1. The first thing to remember before you hire a demolition contractor in Sydney is that you may need to check with the council and get a permit before you have anything removed or destroyed. Some companies will deal with getting the correct demolition permits for you, whilst others will leave it to you to arrange. If you are unsure about what you need to do, ask the company and they should be able to give you advice about what you need and how you go about getting the correct permit. It is important to make sure you have all the correct paperwork before any destruction takes place or you could face fines from the local council.


  1. It is a common misconception that demolition contractors in Sydney take all the waste from the removal to landfills. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, many companies avoid landfills as much as possible. Oftentimes, it is possible to recycle and resell materials from the removal, and this is far more valuable to the company than paying to dispose of waste in a landfill. So if you are considering knocking down a current structure, but are concerned about the wasted materials, don’t be. The professionals know how to dispose of the waste in the most environmentally friendly way- the aim is to reuse as much of the residue as possible.


  1. As exciting as it may look and sound, demolition contractors in Sydney don’t use a wrecking ball or huge explosions as much as you may think. It is becoming more popular for buildings to be deconstructed instead of completely demolished. Deconstruction refers to taking the building down carefully in order to do as little damage to the materials as possible. This often means that the materials can be reused in other buildings. Furthermore, deconstruction can potentially save you money in the long run as it means you can use much of the materials in your new build rather than paying for completely new supplies.


  1. Demolition contractors in Sydney aren’t as expensive as you might think. It obviously will depend on the size of the job and what you want done; but if you have no use for the leftover materials you can recoup a lot of the initial costs through selling intact parts. In the commercial industry, removal generally costs only about two percent of the replacement cost of the building.


  1. Many demolition contractors in Sydney are specialists. Some businesses will specialize in houses or residential buildings, some only in interiors and some in environmental work. Of course, there are the skilled few that can do it all. So before finding a professional, think about what sort of removal you need, and try to find a local specialist.


  1. Due to the type of business, this industry has a reputation for being dangerous; however, this is not the case. Increased education, and knowledge of material properties, alongside more advanced tools has lead to this being one of the safest areas of construction. In order to work in this industry, individuals must have a knowledge of construction and the industry methods. On top of this, they must have an understanding of the materials used in buildings over the years, as well how strong they are and how best to remove them.