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What is asbestos encapsulation?

After professional consultation, should experts discover the presence of asbestos within the commercial building or strata apartment with a thorough assessment, it may require asbestos encapsulation to seal and limit the potential hazard. Encapsulation is an extremely safe method of contain asbestos that in many cases is safer than removal.

Through the careful use of a formulated prima in conjunction with a membrane coating that is sprayed on top of the diagnosed asbestos, the asbestos fibers are sealed. This is a critical procedure that must be undertaken before even considering any new project should asbestos be discovered and be deemed as sealable. Once these fibred have been sealed, it will ensure the structural integrity and the hazardous behavior of asbestos in the commercial or strata environment.

The advantages of asbestos encapsulation

The advantages of encapsulation over removal are that the high expense of removal is not necessary. Furthermore, removal requires a significant amount of labor in order to be done, and in doing so this could be extremely hazardous not only to the building itself, but also potential adjacent buildings and the environment itself. By pursuing encapsulation, it is a much more efficient, affordable and safer method of containing the asbestos. In addition, the original building’s material will be able to be maintained and salvageable.

It is of the utmost important that should any asbestos be discovered that you engage with a professional service immediately that is trained and skilled in the containment or removal of asbestos before even considering any form of renovation or painting job on your commercial or strata building. We will be able to guide you through asbestos encapsulation and be transparent with you the whole way, updating you on all the developments which take place during the job.

We understand that your commercial building may continue operations and that the lives of the residents and tenants inside of your strata apartment will be disrupted and affected should asbestos will be found. As such, our services will work to minimize and ensure that any asbestos is encapsulated as soon as possible, preventing any form of hindrance to the operations or lives of your building.

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