Choosing the right colour to paint your house can be daunting and lead to arguments between people when they can’t come to an agreement. Everyone has their own subjective evaluation of what looks best and there is no mathematic answer to tell you the true winning colour.

However, interior design experts have mechanisms and techniques with which they make recommendations regarding colour choice. Much of this has to do with light saturation and the mood that the colour evokes.

Since colour choice can be a semi-permanent decision it’s no wonder so many people seek help on making a choice they won’t regret. Let’s take a look at how to select the perfect paint colour for your home.

Buy furnishings first, then choose the paint

While working from the wall inwards sound practical, it’s actually easier to choose a paint colour that matches your furniture then furniture that matches your paint colour. You have no idea how the colour will affect the look and feel of the room before you have furnished it.

Remember, all of the furniture or appliances included in the room are a part of its overall aesthetic appeal so you should take them into consideration when picking colour.

Look for inspiration

The best place to find inspiration these days is on the internet where there are thousands of examples of different colours used in different ways. Start taking notes of the best ones and compare them to your home to see if it would work or needs to be altered slightly.

Stick with neutral colours

While you shouldn’t avoid bright colours altogether, most people report that they dislike homes with obnoxiously coloured rooms. Unless you want the walls to be the focus of the whole room, don’t make them the biggest visual stimuli.

If you are using a bold colour then the rest of the furniture in the room should be a neutral tone so that they don’t compete for visual attention. This is why bold colours are popular in bathrooms because most fixtures are white.

Use a colour theme throughout the home

You don’t need to adhere to any strict rules here but it’s advisable that all of the colour choices in your home don’t appear too far away from each other on the colour spectrum. If most of your home is painted with greys and light blues then a hot pink room is going to look laughably out of place.