Digital marketing is a key component of building your brand image and reach. Online channels are now vital as a way to reach your customer, as people are turning more to the convenience of the internet to find out what product or service to purchase.

There are many strategies to supplement your brand’s digital presence. Being active on social media, improving your SEO, and building your site’s content are some examples.

However, survey results show that marketers are recognizing the increasingly blurred line between content marketing and premium SEO services. While content marketing has traditionally aimed to deliver customer value and SEO has aimed to target keywords, they are linked by content.

Here are some ways content marketing and SEO can be successfully combined to work towards a better outcome for your business!


Content discovery

SEO is a key component in content discovery, as the search for information is linked to keywords and search engine results. By making your content marketing SEO-friendly, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.

SEO involves the more technical, analytical aspect that supports content marketing. Ultimately, finding out how your audience is discovering your site by analyzing the keywords and page rankings can allow a better basis for content marketing.

Your content marketing can then reach your market better through SEO, resulting in a wider audience.


Know your audience

By combining your SEO and content marketing, you’ll have the ability to gain a better understanding of your audience. Knowing your audience and how you are reaching them is also key to combining these strategies.

Through analyzing your page performance and analytics and gaining a better understanding of your audience composition, you will then be able to write content that will provide more value.

By themselves, SEO and content marketing will increase your reach, but combining them will provide a more holistic strategy.



Creating relevant content

If you know your audience and have a specific target to reach, you will be better informed on what kind of content to create. Choose topics relevant to your audience, so that your content will provide value to your readers.

Using the right keywords is also essential – chances are that people won’t be using corporate jargon when looking for your company or product. Think about what people are most likely to search when looking for the solution your brand provides. Then adjust your content accordingly.

You can also map specific purpose funnels in accordance with the customer journey, so that you can gain a better understanding of the customers using your product and how to address them.

Mobile optimization is becoming increasingly relevant, so don’t forget to make your content easily transferrable and accessible across platforms.


mobile optimization


Combine quality and quantity

Quality and quantity are both necessary to establish a solid content marketing strategy. It is important to not abandon quality when trying to reach your audience through your content.

You want your content to deliver value to your audience, and this will create a better engagement with your customers.

Concurrently, it is important not to abandon quantity. Being consistent with your content will remind your audience of your presence and also establish your brand as updated and reliable.

Having new, helpful content and information will contribute to having a better user experience, and the combination of quality and quantity is essential to this.

As the internet continues to change, and SEO strategies adapt with the evolution of search algorithms, digital marketing is ever-dynamic. This constantly changing field means that marketers have to be updated and change to remain relevant. The combination of SEO and content marketing is one way for marketers to act smart in this field.