If you are constructing, maintaining or repairing a man-made structure, a scaffold is an indispensable part of your project. It is the complex weave of metal pipes which forms your primary support structure and provides stability while you work.

Scaffoldings in Melbourne may look fragile and breakable when first observed, but can be a fundamental part of a commercial project that is more cost-effective and simple than other options. These devices have been utilised in construction for thousands of years, and relies heavily on engineering and calculation to provide the foundations of so many architectural masterpieces we see in the world.

Construction site's scaffoldings


  • Construction – the structure provides the literal crux of every single construction site, commercial or residential. Scaffolds in Melbourne projects provide a cheaper and quicker alternative than expandable ladders and heavy duty cranes. As they are not limited by height restrictions, you can utilize them however and wherever you’d like. They are used to lay bricks, install windows and plaster walls to complete the outside of a building.
  • Camera & lighting – major events such as concerts, sports events and art exhibitions all utilize the framework to position speakers, lighting and camera operators. Especially in a city full of exciting modern events, scaffolds in Melbourne are much sought after, and ensure that these operations can be undertaken in the most optimal positions.
  • Advertising – scaffolds in Melbourne often advertise huge billboards that achieve maximum visibility and hence effect. The large-scale posters or statues are often temporary placed on a framework advertising important features at the start of an event, such as a singer at the beginning of their concert.
  • Temporary seating – temporary stands utilise scaffolds in Melbourne to provide for a large capacity of spectators. The temporary stands effectively utilise these structures to establish solid seating for sometimes thousands of people, meaning that ticket sales can rocket through the roof.



Despite its wonderful multi-purpose nature, it is undeniable that dodgy and improper engineering of scaffolds in Melbourne have caused countless deaths and injuries to both workers and bystanders. If you plan to hire a scaffold in Melbourne for your next project or event, make sure you keep these following recommendations in mind.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has mandated that employees working on a scaffold in Melbourne must be trained by a qualified person. The training should include:

  • Relevant hazards such as falls and electrocution
  • Appropriate handling of materials and use of platforms
  • Standard procedures in managing different hazards, including use of personal fall arrest and falling object protection systems


Proper inspection

Scaffolds in Melbourne must be erected on construction sites that have been inspected and examined carefully for potential dangers and hazards. These include ditches, earth fills, high tension wires and debris, which, if found, must be controlled or managed immediately.


Right load

Always be informed about the recommended load rating, and never exceed it! Excess weight on a structure can lead to unimaginable disasters and accidents, such as structural collapses and falling objects. Ties attaching frames to buildings should be secured, and the entire structure should be resistant to harsh weather and tamper proof.


Other safety tips

Common sense is paramount when engaging with scaffolds in Melbourne. Small details such as wearing durable, non-slip shoes on the structures, removing debris on platforms and avoiding electric power lines can make the difference between life and death. It is also crucial that structure wheels are locked when in use, and all open sides are installed with proper handrails, toe boards and mid-rails to ensure that one cannot fall off the structure.

With these guidelines and safety precautions in mind, make sure that the chosen frameworks are sourced from a reputable, reviewed company. Safety does come first – too many accidents have occurred because of careless errors.