While things like colour choice can be largely subjective, when it comes to the most optimal interior designs there are some basic rules that people try to follow. When you consider these rules it’s natural for people to ask themselves if the colour they went with was wrong.

If you’ve just finished painting a room then you’ll likely be biased about how the colour looks. For the first week or two you will love it but eventually the thought that it was the wrong choice will begin creeping into your head.

Let’s take a look at the top signs you chose the wrong paint colour.

You don’t feel like you or anyone looks good in the space

The most obvious sign that you chose the wrong colour is if you feel like people start looking worse when they walk in. The worst culprits and greys and greens that are used in bathrooms or places with mirrors.

It’s best to go with warm undertones and neutral colours in spaces where there is a mirror and you will be checking you appearance. Colours like peach or clear blue can be flattering choices for people’s faces.

You need more lighting

If you’ve used a tone that is too dark or doesn’t reflect light well then you’ll find yourself turning the lights on at earlier times in the day for longer periods. Not only is this a drain on power bills but it means that you room isn’t performing optimally.

Overly dark shades can also make the room feel significantly smaller than if you had used a lighter shade. In these cases it’s good to repaint the walls and leave one of them in the original colour to serve as an accent wall.

You find yourself squinting a lot

Sometimes the colour you chose is too bright and it can take a while for you to realise. If you start to dim lights, close blinds and avoiding the room during bright times of day then it’s a sign that the colour is too bright.

In order to avoid choosing a colour that’s too bright make sure you take a sample of it and compare it against walls at different times of the day. If the paint appears too bright during night then it may be easier to replace lightbulbs with dimmer ones than to re-paint the room.