Painting a ceiling is not an easy task and even the most experienced professional painters will admit that they dislike doing it above all else. Painting a ceiling can be tough physically as well as being prone to dripping as well as being hard to judge the completeness of.

The worst part is the most of the time people are simply re-painting their ceiling white to freshen it up, so all the hard work won’t make a mind-blowing difference. Regardless, it’s a good idea to learn how to make painting the ceiling easier for you.

Let’s take a look at the top tips for painting your ceiling.

Don’t use paint sprayers, stick to a roller

Paint sprayers sound like big time savers but by the time you get it set-up and have done all necessary preparations you probably could have half finished the job with an old-fashioned roller. There’s no miracle gadget that’s going to make painting a ceiling a one button press, so forget about using paint sprayers altogether.

Don’t over-invest in scaffolding, ladders and extension rollers work fine

Scaffolding for a ceiling painting job sounds like a big help but like the paint sprayer it will take a long time to set-up and take down again. This is especially true if you plan to run a scaffold all the way around the room.

The only appropriate scaffolding most people have access to is for hire from a rental place, using planks of wood supported by two chairs is obviously very dangerous and not recommended. Therefore it’s much easier to simply use a step ladder with a roller extension.

When using a roller extension make sure that it’s only long enough to reach the ceiling. If you have an extension that’s twice the height of the ceiling then you’ll have a much heavier roller that will be harder to be precise with.

Give adequate time for the job

When people finish painting the 4 walls of a room they get tempted to start on the ceiling in the same sitting. These people are underestimating the hard work of painting a ceiling and haven’t given themselves enough time to do a proper job.

Dedicate an entire weekend to this task in advance so you don’t run out of time with only half or less of it finished. If you’re well-prepared and patient then painting the ceiling does not need to be nearly as hard as people make it out to be.