When you decide that it’s time to renovate your office (or build it in the first place) it is important to keep in mind what statement you want your walls to give, whether to your clients, competition or employees. This intention will affect every aspect of your office decoration, from the actual painting of the office to the furniture. For now, let’s just focus on the walls themselves, as the rest of the office can be rearranged more easily.

Wood Panels, Wall Paint Above:
Panels of varnished wood around the walls tell the world that you are a traditionalist. You wear a full suit every day, and you expect your employees to as well. You give an impression of dependability and you will not give second chances to people who you down. Anyone visiting your office in anything less than impeccable business attire will immediately feel out of place and slightly intimidated. The effect will be softened slightly if the paint above the wood is lighter in colour, or intensified if it is darker.

High Gloss, Light Colour:
This combination is the most reflective your office painting can be. Usually reserved for bathrooms, this will tell people that you are creative, but also a perfectionist and that you expect perfection from them as well. A downside of this choice for your walls is that the office will feel empty unless it is full of furnishings and decorative furniture, and it will not forgive untidiness.

High Gloss, Dark Colour:
The high gloss and dark colour combination when you are painting your office conveys power, while being lower maintenance than the previous choice. This is not a warm or nurturing environment, and tells visitors that you don’t need to apologise or ask for help because you are the best at what you do.

Low Gloss, Light Colour:
The most orthodox office painting scheme, this combination says that you are generally a more laid back person, and won’t crack the whip as long as the right work is getting done. You encourage creativity, within reason, and you don’t really care about appearances. A lower gloss means that the walls are easier to keep clean and you have more options for decorations. However, more visually impressive office furniture such as dark wooden tables will look out of place.

Low Gloss, Dark Colour:
The least reflective painting option for your office, this combination will give an impression of warmth and friendliness. It is an environment where anyone can wander in and ask you for help, and you will do your best to supply it. A bit of mess will be more forgivable in these surroundings, although it is very easy to accidentally make the room feel cluttered.

You should get a professional painting company which can help you paint your office. However, if you are going to paint by yourself, your choices when painting your office will tell the world about your work and management style, however you need to be careful. If your personality does not fit the impression your office gives, people will be able to tell. Clutter in a light, high gloss office, for example, will convey a lack of organisational skill.